I am Canadian.
Probably a Slytherin.
I have boobs.
Girl boobs.
I reblog lots of shit.
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what a sport


I remember when people first realized how much funnier these comics were just without Garfield’s dialog, which Jon was never able to hear anyway. Garfield only ever communicated to us readers in thought balloons, after all. What we’re seeing here is Jon’s canonical reality.

I’m torn between laughing at these and being deeply worried for Jon lol



The only acceptable birthday cake

so when you blow out that candle you’ll be killing that charmander happy birthday u sick fuk


His name is Bartok and he’s the cutest baby you’ll ever see.

Photos by ©Brain Gremlin



i don’t even watch this show and this is the strangest and cutest relationship ever

I don’t even watch this show and I can’t stop reblogging how perfect they are


This describes my entire texting relationship with everyone